S7R Neoprene Dumbbell (Pairs)

Our S7R Neoprene Dumbbells are perfect for Home Gym. Ideal for strength and endurance training, aerobics, and CrossFit; makes exercise anywhere simple and easy.
They can be used for many different styles of workouts, from aerobics, HIIT, strength training, body pump style classes or barre. Ideal for home workouts as part of a home gym.

Why Choose S7R Neoprene Dumbbells? 
One of the most versatile training equipment. If you are a beginner you will love these dumbbells because they allow you to gradually increase the weight. Thanks to its non-slip design, it takes care of your floors and allow you to take them comfortably without mistreating your hands.


Neoprene coated: durable whilst preventing damage, noise and impact when dropped 

Ergonomic Handles: comfort grip for all exercises 

Color: Black with colour-coded white

Hexagonal ends: prevent rolling 

Size: 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg.


1kg: 161mm x 47mm x 52mm

2kg: 199mm x 61mm x 68mm

3kg: 224mm x 68mm x 75mm

4kg: 242mm x 82mm x 89mm

5kg: 246mm x 86mm x 93mm