Cast Iron Kettlebell - URU


Stripped back and raw with a flat base


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The kettlebell is compact and you can train your whole body in a fast and effective way. Unlike most other fitness exercises that focus on individual muscles, for kettlebell exercises you use many muscle groups at once, resulting in an increase in your overall muscle strength, flexibility and stamina.

Because of the training possibilities combining strength and cardio, a kettlebell training is an added value for any form of endurance or strength sport. Super popular in the stronger wellness shop for anyone looking for a hiit session, a WOD or simply a strength sesh at your own pace... and you only need a few square metres. Besides, you can do plenty of workouts variations with only one kettlebell and still train your whole body. In short, really popular weapon of choice to smash a workout!

Kettlebell with rubber foot and Embossed Core Power logo

Cast Iron - Black