Rubber Barbell Pump Set Additional Weight Pack - Phoenix


This Rubber Barbell Pump Set Additional Weight Pack - for Phoenix is ideal for adding some additional plates to your Rubber Barbell Pump Set and also for using the plates off of the bar. We are all stronger in certains movements, so if for example you are really strong for the legs workouts, you can now add more discs of 5kgs to load the bar to the max and keep some loose plates to make the transitions faster, for less excuses for a cheeky rest :)

Add an "extra spice" to your routines and unleash your full potential. This pack is suitable for any bar of 28'' or from the tropical vortex range.



Pack contains:

- 2 x 1.25kg discs (Yellow)

- 2 x 2.5kg discs (Light Blue)

- 2 x 5kg discs (Dark Blue)

The Phoenix and tropical bar has a maximum load of 30kg.