Rubber barbell plates weight pack - Vortex Range

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Rubber barbell plates weight pack, ready to spice things up! An extra weight pack is ideal for adding some additional plates to your bar and also using some of the plates off the bar. This gives you more flexibility to swap over in the different workouts without wasting precious time loading and offloading.

Some people are ok with rubber plates in their hands, however, we also see people buying either YBell 4 in 1 as an alternative and/or hexagonal dumbbells. Ultimately if you are looking for progression, yes you can add more plates to your bar but you can also be creative with the transitions and not allow yourself to 'faf' around by having your exercise tools ready for quick transitions.


Pack contains the following plates. Colours may vary from the pictures.

2 X 1.25kg plates

2 X 2.5kg plates

2 X 5kg plates

IMPORTANT reminders on load capacity and bars for the Vortex range:

Tropical Super Vortex: Max Capacity 100kg, 28mm bar

Tropical Vortex: Max Capacity 30kg, 28mm bar

Calypso Vortex: Max Capacity 30kg, 30mm bar