YBell 4 in 1 Home Gym Set


Get 2 YBells (a set), download the YBell exercise app and keep your excuses at bay. The one piece of Equipment for Every Body indoors or outdoors. The new YBell is a 4 in 1 piece of fitness equipment integrating Kettlebell, dumbbell, Double-grip medicine ball and push up stand to streamline workouts. Making the YBell the perfect solution to train at home without the clutter.



  • 1 Set of Ybells (2 bells)
  • Colour: Black with coloured print
  • Coated in Neoprene, non slip and rust resistant
  • Brand: Ybell Fitness


Size Chart (per YBell)

  • XS: 4kg
  • S: 6kg
  • M: 8kg
  • L: 10kg
  • XL: 12kg


The product is for consumers only and is strictly for use in exercise.  Consumers under the age of 18 must always have adult supervision and instruction on the use of YBells. Children under the age of 14 may need a prescribed plan by a fitness professional tailored to their age and body. Consult a doctor or GP before starting a YBell exercise programme. Stop exercising if you feel pain or tightness in your chest, become short of breath or feel faint. Contact your doctor or GP before starting the YBell exercise programme again.

  • Do not drop YBells. Place them on the ground.
  • Don’t knock or bump YBells against hard or sharp edges.
  • Use a mat when training with YBells on a dirty or muddy surface.
  • Use a mat when training with YBells on rough surfaces, such as gravel.
  • Stack YBells on their base and not their side.
  • Do not submerge or soak YBells. Use a damp cloth, mild soap and water for cleaning. Do not use bleach, oils or other chemicals as they can cause softening and discoloration of the Neoprene surface.


This device is heavy. Never allow YBells to drop freely to the ground. Damage to the product and potential personal injury may occur. 

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