Best floor options for Cardio Areas: Rubber gym flooring, floor tiles, vinyl, and turf

There are many flooring solutions on the market to cover one of the largest areas of the gym: the cardio room. You need a surface that supports the weight of the machines, that is not easily marked and that prevents the movement caused by its continuous use and movement. A surface that ensures safety, comfort,  durability and is also in line with the design of your fitness center.

When it comes to choosing the best floor solution for cardio rooms and fitness areas, there are a few factors to consider such as the material,  durability, shock absorption, noise reduction, and ease of maintenance.

  1. Material

Rubber gym flooring is a popular choice for cardio areas due to its shock-absorbing properties, which reduces impact on joints and equipment noise. Look for high-density interlocking rubber tiles and rolls.

Vinyl is another common choice for fitness areas. It is resilient, easy to clean, and offers some shock absorption

  1. Floor Thickness

The thickness of any floor surface directly influences the amount of impact and protection it can offer. For cardio areas, aim for a thickness of at least 8mm to 10mm rubber floors. Thicker options are better for high-impact exercises and heavier equipment.

  1. Shock Absorption

Look for a surface that offers excellent shock absorption. This feature is essential to protect joints from high impact when training. 

  1. Traction

The floor should provide adequate traction to prevent slipping and reduce the risk of injuries. It should offer a non-slip surface even when users are sweaty. Safety is paramount when it comes to working out, and anti-slip floors reduce the risk of accidents whilst providing a secure surface for all intensive workouts.

  1. Durability

Ensure the floor solution is durable and can withstand the constant impact of cardio exercises and heavy foot traffic. High-quality rubber flooring tends to be more durable and long-lasting.

  1. Noise Reduction 

If your cardio area is on an upper floor or near other spaces, consider a surface that minimizes noise from equipment and footsteps. A well adapted surface to your type of training, will be able to absorb part of the noise and reverberations that take place during your workouts. 

  1. Easy Maintenance

Opt for a surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Sweating is common during cardio workouts, so the flooring should be resistant to moisture and easy to wipe down. Choosing a waterproof option will safeguard your investment and make it easier to clean and maintain.

  1. Aesthetics

Coordinating the design with the overall décor of your space is ideal for an optimum workout experience. Choose a flooring style that complements the overall look and branding of your gym should be considered. Different color options are available, and brand customization.

  1. Cost

While it's essential to consider your budget, prioritize quality and durability over cost. Investing in high-quality flooring will save you money in the long run as it will require less frequent replacement.


Read on to discover the best floor options for cardio and indoor cycling areas. We offer you the options that we have available and some pros and cons of each one so that you can make the best decision. 

The Best 4 options for Cardio & Indoor Areas

Rubber Gym Floor Mats


Rubber Floors  are everyone's favorite choice and the most used surface in gyms due to its resistance, versatility and installation. It is shock absorbent making it ideal for cardio areas and provides great safety to the user due to its non-slip properties.  It reduces noise,  is highly durable and offers good traction, which is important for cardio exercises. Rubber Gym Mats / Tiles and Rolls are available in various thicknesses and can withstand heavy equipment and high-impact activities.

At Stronger we have 2 options


✅ PROS: Most Gym Tiles and Rolls are made from recycled rubber. Although it is a strong material and shock absorbing at times it may tear or break because it is composed of particles that come from recycled tires. 

❗CONS: This type of material can produce transfers, i.e. may leave some black stains on the hands or clothes of the user. In addition, it is a more porous material and overtime it may absorb sweat and other liquids.


 PROS: Virgin Rubber Floors is a material manufactured especially for use in gyms. It is waterproof, non-porous, non-staining, and much more resistant to any kind of impact. 

❗CONS: It may look more expensive, but at the end of the day it is more durable and resistant, so you won’t need to change it every year. 

Rubber Gym Flooring Rolls

Now depending on the size of your workout area, you can find it available in both Rolls and Mats: 

1. Rubber ROLLS


  • Gym Floor Rolls are easy to install
  • Shock and Sound Absorbent 
  • Good protection for your subfloors
  • Economical option


  • They tend to be glued down, therefore depending on your space  you have to make cuts which can cause some loss of material and you won’t be able to move the floor if necessary.

2. Rubber Tiles

Mats or Tiles are the most practical solution because they are easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to clean. Especially those ones with an interlocking system (like puzzle pieces). 


  • Easy to install and move.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Durable, non-marking.
  • Shock absorbing.
  • Isolates noise and vibration.


  • Higher price than other options.

Vinyl Gym Flooring


Vinyl is another common choice for fitness areas. It is resilient, easy to clean, and offers some shock absorption. Vinyl floorings is available in different thicknesses and can mimic the look of wood, stone, or other materials. At Stronger  it is available in a stone or wood look and it is one of the most economical solutions if you are looking for low budget and aesthetically pleasing options. 

One factor to take into consideration is that it breaks easily, so it is not such a good idea to have it under Large cardio machines.


  • Easy to clean, which very convenient for cardio areas.
  • Resistant to moisture and chemicals.
  • Different design options.


  • Punctures and marks.
  • Does not absorb impacts as well as rubber floors.
  • Does not prevent machinery from shifting over time.


Turf Fitness Flooring


Turf is increasingly in demand in the fitness industry thanks to all its benefits. It reduces the risk of injury, does not slip and is resistant to pulling and pushing with different accessories. It is easy to clean and does not crack easily.

However, artificial turf is not the best option for cardio areas and will be ideal if you are looking to add flooring to functional training areas or outdoor training spaces. 


  • Visually appealing with an outdoor touch.
  • Recommended for athletes who want to practice sprints without risk of injury.
  • Allows for sled work, plyometrics, or cross-training
  • Anti Slip


  • HIgher cost option.
  • Not adapted to all cardio zones.
  • May Mark with heavy machinery.



In case you did not know, in some countries carpet tiles are implemented for cardiovascular exercises and other common areas of the gym. They are easy to maintain, they provide cushioning, noise reduction, are non-slip and are one of the cheapest options. 

However, we do not recommend it at all since it absorbs liquids such as sweat and water and is easily marked and broken by placing very heavy objects such as cardio machines.


  • Economical and versatile.
  • Non-slip and comfortable.


  • Very low shock absorption.
  • Permeable, generating bad smells and humidity.
  • Deforms over time
  • Marked by machines

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