Barbell and Studio Barbell Sets

A barbell Weight Set  is a piece of exercise equipment used in weight training, weightlifting, CrossFit powerlifting and other studio classes such as the very popular and all time classic Les Mills on demand workouts . The Barbell Set allows for a full body strength workout, they can help you improve your coordination, posture and of course, you guessed it, body strength. It is a highly versatile exercise tool that helps you build strength, develop muscle and burn fat across different exercise styles. The Weight Set can be used with plates of different weights to help you adjust your workout and personal training. 

It is also argued that Barbell training is more effective in training compared to fixed gym equipment. This is because Free Weights force you to hold the full weight and keep it stable - unlike with a machine which stabilises the bar by restricting movement. 

At Stronger Wellness we provide a range of Rubber Barbell Sets for the UK market. Our Rubber Pump Sets are cast iron weights enclosed by rubber in different modalities from hi temp plates to bumpers and more. The rubber helps protect the weight from chipping and also protects the floor surface from scratching or damaging, making them perfect for home workouts and training. Our barbell sets include the barbell and the rubber plates in 5kg, 2.5kg and 1.25 kg sets. Although of course we also sell the 20kg and 15kg Olympic bars and the barbell plates for it as singles so that you can make the best combination for your strength game today! 

Whether you are beginning your weightlifting journey, in to your bodypump workouts,  or you are a PRO we hope we can inspire your workouts! In return, maybe you too can try to inspire someone,  to begin their training ... remember every kilo counts!


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