Welcome to the Stronger Wellness Dumbbells collection. We do our very best to search for a wide range of options to suit all workout styles and fitness journeys, regardless of your level. 

Dumbbells (or hand weights) are free weights that can be used individually or in pairs for strength training and cardio-based workouts. Unlike the old days when people used to see dumbbells as a training tool to build volume, today is one of the most popular pieces of gym kit and, a must have for commercial gyms and home gyms alike. They are simply a great way to add resistance training to your exercise sessions providing never ending workouts across a vast variety of fitness goals and workout styles. In addition, when Dumbbells are used with a workout bench you can perform hundreds of exercises. 

Dumbbells are excellent for isolating specific muscle groups and can offer numerous benefits depending on the type of workout such as developing strength, boosting your metabolism and help you burn fat, improve posture, tone muscles and improve endurance. 

Hex Dumbbell & Rubber Hex Dumbbells

At Stronger Wellness we offer a wide range of Hex Dumbbells sets with different materials, brands, grip shapes etc so that there is something for everyone. Whether you are into classic strength training, you love a WOD or you are into Barre, we have something for you. Hexagonal Rubber dumbbells are the most classic and popular option for sure, hence being chosen by many of the worlds most popular on demand online workout programmes and gyms. These anti-roll dumbbells are extremely versatile and perfect for using with activities in the press-up position, since the hexagonal shape provides stability and prevents the dumbbells from rolling. The hex rubber dumbbell head also helps protects your home and gym floors from impact damage during use, as well as reducing the noise during your workout....something particularly important to keep in mind if your workout space is in a building. 

Our Pro Hex Rubber Dumbbells are suitable for commercial use as well as home. The SR7 Pro Hex Dumbbell Hero comes with the best commercial grade rubber available in the market helping the dumbbell look great over time, preventing strong rubber smell and providing better hygiene. Now, the part that users really rave about is the super comfy grip

Studio Dumbbells

In our Hex Dumbbells selection you’ll also find a range of lighter dumbbells, referred to as studio dumbbells or aerobic dumbbells. These are known by many as the beginners dumbbells but truth is that they are widely used across barre classes, Pilates and more. Besides, there are some gym users who will continue to love the feel of the vinyl hexagonal and their beautiful vibrant colours...nothing wrong with that hey?! 

YBELL Fitness

Last but not least in this collection you may also buy the YBell. Stronger Wellness is the exclusive distributor of YBELL Fitness for the UK and Ireland. The new 4-in-1 piece of fitness equipment for everybody. The YBell Integrates  the kettlebell, dumbbell, double-grip med ball and push up stand to streamline all workouts. Check it out! There is a reason why it has won 5 international awards in 1 year.

What size weights should I use? 
The size of the Hex you use depends on how much prior experience you have with working out and free weights. If you have experience using dumbbells before, arguably you can choose any weight/size you prefer, but maybe think about what is your goal first and what program will you be doing to get there.

Now, if you are new to workouts and strength training, we recommend that you start low with 3kg dumbbells, 4kg dumbbells or even 5kg. Then you can gradually progress to 7kg, dumbbells, and 10kg dumbbell once your body is ready. Remember, those lighter weights will always be handy as you can use them for different exercise styles as you progress.

When you have progressed to a level where the 10kg hex dumbbells doesn’t leave you fatigued on a workout that you know it used to leave you dead on the floor, then you can consider moving on to a higher weight. Now, this is not us saying that the only way to progress is by consistently adding weight, as said before, there are many  ways to continue to push yourself such as increasing the rep times, the range of motion, maybe holding the exercise at certain point of the movement and so on. Now, continuing with either a set of 15kg dumbbell or 20kg dumbbell can always give you that extra goal to aim for of course on that particular routine that you are nailing already! Not only will they be great to increase your strength, but also stamina and resistance...and that very much awesome moment of ‘hell yeah! I did it!’

The main idea is to gradually increase the weight, frequency, or number of repetitions in your training routine. So if it is strength training you require you can gradually move up to the 30kg dumbbell or even 40Kg weights for those power lifters.

The great thing about rubber Hex dumbbells is that you can get them in a variety of sizes, from 1kg increment, to 2kg and 2.5kg increment,

By choosing our Hex dumbbells, you’ll be able to easily upgrade your practice to lift higher not only your weights and your workouts but your mental strength or as we like saying the strength in your soul!

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