Gym Flooring, Rubber Floor Mats & Tiles

Despite being one of the most critical aspects of the gym setup we find it is frequently an overlooked area of the gym design process, sometimes simply due to lack of knowledge. Done well, the appropriate solution will provide the cornerstone of an engaging and enjoyable gym experience and will be hassle free for years. Without the right guidance, gym flooring can be frustrating and costly, causing lack of stability during workouts to acoustic problems, hygiene issues and more. 

The good news is that we have years of experience in gym flooring projects and with a little thought and guidance, we'll get the right solution for you. At Stronger we provide high quality rubber mats, anti slip mats, interlocking tiles, rolls, vynil and turf solutions to suit any area of your workout space.  

Essential tips to consider when choosing your Flooring

When choosing the correct flooring surface you must consider the space, the subfloor, the type of equipment you’ll be using, and the workout you’ll be performing. Factors to bear in mind:  

  • Type of Material: Most offering comes in rubber, but you can also find Vinyl Floors and Turf for outdoor gyms.
  • Thickness: the thickness will be determined by your workouts, your ceiling height, what subfloor you have etc.
  • Design & aesthetics: You can have square tiles that interlock and are layed almost like a puzzle  (seemless) or you can have straight cut that ussually get glued to the floor below.
  • Type of training: Consider the type of workout you will be doing and choose the product that fits your needs. 
  • Subfloors: Get the sub floor preparation right. In our experience the majority of 'flooring' issues that home gyms experience are actually due to the subfloor rather than the flooring. 

If in doubt feel free to contact us and we shall try and resolve all your questions.

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