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Effective – August 8, 2023

This TRX® Warranty applies to TRX products sold by JFXD TRX ACQ LLC (dba TRX) and its affiliated entities and official distributors. The TRX Warranty nly applies to legitimate goods sold by TRX and its partners. TRX does not warrant any gray market good, used good, or goods sold by any unapproved third-party even if the package is unopened.



By buying authentic TRX products from TRX or one of its official and approved distributors, you are hereby given at a minimum and at any time (irrespective of express disclosures), at least all Minimum Statutory Warranties (“MSWs”) imposed and required by law in your country, county, state, province, city, or location (your “Jurisdiction”). MSWs are defined as warranties, including warranties of merchantability, of fitness for a particular purpose, or any warranty alleged to arise from course of dealing, course of performance or usage of trade.



Certain TRX products may benefit from an additional express warranty of superior quality which may cover the goods for a period longer than MSWs applicable in your Jurisdiction (“Superior Quality Warranty”). This Superior Quality Warranty is only offered if allowed by law in your jurisdiction. The table below provides for a term of warranty protection as calculated from the date of your purchase.

The above Superior Quality Warranty is offered with the understanding that these products are semi-consumable and may be damaged by the user and such damage is not considered a factory defect subject to the Superior Quality Warranty. For example, in the context of commercial gym use, the Superior Quality Warranty cannot cover abusive use of products by customers misusing the products for a non-intended purpose. This Superior Quality Warranty does not cover any problems with any TRX products identified herein which result from: (a) accident, neglect, modification, abuse or misuse of the product; (b) failure to use the products properly or exposure of the products to variations in ambient environmental conditions (including, for example, changes in heat, humidity, or moisture, including water saturation); (c) impact damage, normal wear and tear, indentations, scratches or surface damage (including paint flaking on products, abrasions caused by failure to use or maintain the product properly) where the functionality of the product is not impacted in any material respect; (d) product deterioration or variations in color or marking that are ordinarily expected based on ordinary use or develop over time because of natural processes such as exposure to sunlight; (e) use of the products for a purpose other than the normal purpose intended or in abnormal use conditions; or (f) any further use of the products undertaken after a defect has been discovered.

Registration of TRX Product Required for Superior Quality Warranty

To receive the Superior Quality Warranty, you are required to register your TRX product with TRX prior to making any warranty claim, and preferably at the time of purchase of the product. You can register your product at the following link


TRX Sole Discretion of Replacement, Credit or Refund

Unless required by a MSW in your Jurisdiction, if TRX determines that your product is subject to warranty coverage as stated in this warranty policy, TRX reserves the right in its sole discretion to either: (a) replace your TRX product, in whole or in part, with another TRX product that is similar in function; (b) offer credit in an amount determined by TRX that can be used to purchase TRX products on the TRX website; or (c) refund the purchase price to the original purchaser. TRX may also, at its discretion repair or replace any warranty-covered product.


Warranty As Sole Remedy; Consequential Damages or Other Damages Not Covered

Regardless of the type of use, the TRX warranties shall be the exclusive and sole remedy available to you as the purchaser or the first recipient of an unopened product purchased by another for your sole benefit. Unless required by a MSW in your Jurisdiction, consequential and incidental damages are not recoverable under this limited warranty.

Warranty Excluded For Counterfeit, Grey Market or Resold Goods

There is a large volume of counterfeiters around the world claiming to sell genuine TRX products, and purchasers should beware of these products because they may be unsafe and of poor quality.TRX engages in an aggressive efforts to fight counterfiet and cannot be responsible for these products. TRX will only provide the warranties set forth in this policy for genuine TRX products that sells it directly through its website or through its authorized distributors, dealers and retailers (including e-commerce channels or brick and mortar locations). If you have purchased a TRX product through a “gray market” transaction (i.e., genuine product from an unauthorized source) or your TRX product has been resold to you by an unauthorized party or an original purchaser who has used the TRX product and then resold it to you, the warranties are voided and you waive all warranties, except where required by a MSW in your Jurisdiction.


Pre-Purchase Access to TRX Warranty

To give full access to pre-purchase warranty covering all TRX products, packaging or websites please reference the TRX websites at: . In Jurisdictions where applicable, the warranty in effect is the most current version, in other Jurisdictions where the warranty at the time of purchase must prevail, TRX will honor those prior warranty terms found in the links below. Some TRX products currently on sale may contain an old version of the warranty.


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