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The Hyper rope delivers the intense core and cardio workout of 15 mt anchored battle ropes in a free-form heavy rope that requires only 1.8 mts of space and doesn't need anchoring. Exercise your whole body, and get the best results.

Award winning Hyper Rope battle ropes offer all the benefits of battle rope workouts, but in 2 mts or less space, without needing a battle rope anchor, and with freedom of movement for a far greater variety of exercises. Get the high intensity cardio, strength building and fat burning benefits of this training tool without the limits of large and bulky ropes. Men’s Health named the Hyper Rope the “Best Home Gym Battle Rope” in 2022.

AWARDED “Best Home Gym Battle Rope” and “Best Cardio Tool” by Men’s Health in its 2022 and 2023 Home Gym Awards.

    - Get battle rope benefits of 15 mt battle ropes in a less than 2 mt space

    - Unlimited exercises beyond traditional rope training

    - Compact and portable – neatly coils for travel or to hang or store on a shelf at home or in a fitness studio

    - Group battle rope workouts – efficient use of space for group sessions in fitness studios and gyms

    - Outdoor workouts – no anchor point? no problem. Just avoid abrasive surfaces

    - Reduce noise indoors – quieter than full length heavy rope workouts

    - Clean – no need for an expensive nylon cover since 100% polyester does not shed fibers

    - Value – invest in an exercise rope that will not fail with twisting for long life

    THE FUTURE of rope training bringing all the benefits of fitness rope exercise equipment without the limitations of a fixed anchor point and need for large spaces, expanding the exercise possibilities into the 100’s indoors and out.

    The Hyper Rope is a short and weighted, flexible fitness rope with a premium braided design. The rope does not need to be anchored, and one single Hyper Rope delivers the intensity of a traditional battle rope in less than 1/4 the space. The patent pending design of the Hyper Rope creates a challenging workout that is more dynamic than an anchored rope.

    The unanchored Hyper Rope allows for a huge variety of exercises that build muscle, burn fat and develop extreme core strength, as well as all types of traditional battle rope wave exercises.

    - Patented weighted ropes with high quality, durable design

    - No need to anchor, take the Hyper Rope with you anywhere DO NOT ANCHOR

    - Standard Model: Approximately 6 meters and 7kg (15 lbs, 20 ft) long unanchored rope*

    - ELITE Model: Approximately 7.5 meters and 8.6 kg (19 lbs, 25 ft) long unanchored rope*

    - Weighted flexible metal core creates a challenge with less space

    - Premium braided outside is more durable than twisted ropes

    - Manufactured in the USA and Canada

    - The ends of a Hyper Rope are “whipped” with cord and coated with polyurethane before a tough PVC handle is added.

    *Exact length varies due to expansion and contraction of the braided material.

    1 Year Limited Warranty

    The Hyper Rope is designed as an unanchored battle rope, allowing you to move it anywhere and use it in a very small footprint. Do not anchor the rope to the wall or to any other tool as this may cause fraying of the premium braided coating. 

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