Bumper Plates Rampant - 5kg,10kg,15kg, 20kg, 25kg


Bumper plates are suitable for competitions and high intensity workouts. Whether you are training against yourself at home or competing against the world! Super popular with some of our crossfit boxes friends and a total classic for group workouts new concepts at re-designed gym areas, well and of course for the traditional plate loaded gym equipment kit. 

Our hard wearing bumper weights, come with a minimal design and are Olympic colour-coded, ranging from 5kg (Grey), 10kg (Green), 15kg  (Yellow), 20kg (Blue) and 25kg  (Red), suitable for any weight-training program.  The weights have a 50 mm reinforced steel insert and are 450 mm in diameter, Whilst the Rampant bumper plates are heavy-duty and hard-wearing we recommend the discs are used with the correct gym flooring, so avoid concrete floors for premature wear. 

Benefits of free weights

Free weights help you to get stronger much faster than weight machines. Add muscle definition, build your balance, coordination and improve your strength. Free weight exercises, such as deadlifts or squat-to-overhead-press, allow you to work more specific muscle groups and burn calories faster. The ability to work specific muscle groups can also reduce the risk of injury by working your stabilizing muscles. These smaller muscles play an important role in keeping your joints in place as well as supporting your body. Take your training to a whole new level with free weight exercises and more controlled movements.


Material: Rubber encased bumper plates
Steel inserts for 50mm bars
Weight Range: 5kg (Grey), 10kg (Green), 15kg (Yellow), 20kg (Blue), 25kg (Red)
Tolerance: +/- 1.5%<

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