Competition Kettlebell

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Competition Kettlebells are all identical in size so that you can train with consistent technique as you progress through the weights. These kettlebells have a large base for stability and a smooth surface finish. Develop strength individually or as a pair. 

Each weight is finished in a different colour for quick and easy weight identification.

Although the competition kettlebells are made to meet competition standards, many gym operators and people at home prefer them as it allows the user to have consistency in the grip, the way it moves and feel as they all have to have identical dimensions and colour identification to meet the standards. Unlike other kettlebells such as iron kettlebells or vinyl kettlebells etc where every manufacturer will have their own view on the overall size of the kettlebell.


  • Made from Steel
  • All weights have the same dimensions and are identical in size regardless of weight 
  • Flat base for better control
  • Competition kettlebells are the global standard of kettlebells. Professional standard competition grade
  • Available from 8kg to 28kg in a variety of colours. Colours shades may vary from the pictures

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