Weighted Vest - Elite Hyper Vest

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Take your training up a notch with this comfortable, flexible and durable Weighted Vest. For high performance training, running, walking, functional fitness, weight lifting or rehabilitation. The Elite Hyper Vest is the perfect kit to add versatility to your home workouts.  adding that extra kick of intensity to all your body weight & online programmes!! 


Hyper Vest ELITE is the sleek 2.0 version to our original durable, adjustable and form-fitting weighted vest. The innovative design features a unique fabric control system that hugs the body for an extremely comfortable fit, that does not restrict the range of motion, like no other vest! The heavy-duty CORDURA® material is ready to withstand your toughest workouts.

The Weighted Vest comes with 10lbs/4.5kg weight as standard.  Additional Booster Packs are available.

WEIGHT CAPACITY: Small 15lbs, Medium 20lbs, Large 20lbs, Extra Large 25lbs

The vest’s patented design flexes more in the horizontal plane and less in the vertical plane, allowing for full chest expansion while keeping the weights in place even during vigorous, multi-plane movements.

The breathable, odor-resistant fabric and generous open side panels provide superior ventilation, and reflective striping provides added safety during night runs. The Hyper weighted vest, has a highly adjustable reflective orange side lacing and slim profile allowing for exceptional fit and comfort. To determine the best vest size for your height and weight please view the Sizing Chart in image gallery.

Weighted Vest Benefits

Adding just 5lbs to your body while training increases the intensity and efficiency of your workout, burning more calories in a shorter amount of time. The increased intensity taxes the cardiovascular system and engages the entire core, improving overall performance, speed, endurance, and strength.


  • Small 15lbs,
  • Medium 20lbs
  • Large 20lbs
  • Extra Large 25lbs


  • Hand washable.
  • One year limited warranty.
  • DO NOT DROP Vest on hard or abrasive surfaces
  • AVOID ground or mat exercises or other moves where excessive friction may occur
  • DO NOT STRIKE Vest on hard or abrasive surfaces