Soft Plyo Box - S7R Superfly


Our brand new Soft Plyo Box is a versatile option to supercharge your body weight training.  

The PlyoBox is not just for jumping either, it can be used to enhance upper body exercises such as incline and decline push-ups, or tricep dips.

Hit the lower body with exercises such as step-ups and squat jumps to work on your explosive power, flexibility and strength.

The 3 in 1 design means that you have 3 different height options by simply rotating the box.  This opens up multiple exercises as well as the ability to add progression.


Our Box is made from a heavy-duty foam construction which allows for added stability while preventing injury.  Overall, the Soft Plyo Box offers a range of benefits that can help improve athletic performance, increase calorie burn, and reduce the risk of injury. Details: 

  • Dimensions - 75cm x 60cm x 50cm.
  • Weight - 30kg
  • Material - High-Quality EVA Foam.

The Soft Plyo box is a versatile piece of fitness equipment that can offer a range of benefits. Here are some of the key benefits:

-Reduced risk of injury: The Soft Plyo Boxe is made of foam, making them much softer than traditional wooden Boxes. This means that if you miss a jump or fall whilst working out, you are less likely to get injured compared to hitting a hard surface.

- Versatility: You can use the S7R Superfly for a wide range of exercises, such as box jumps, step-ups, dips, and full-body exercises. It is very stable but lightweight making it easy to move around and its varied sides and heights allow for all-level workouts. (75cm /60cm /50cm)

- Improved athletic performance: Plyometric exercises, such as jumps and lateral jumps, are great for improving explosive power and overall athletic performance. They are also great for burning calories and improving cardiovascular fitness.

Wrapping it up, the SR7 Soft Plyo Box can help you incorporate a wide range of exercises into your routine and body weight training without having to worry about the impact on your joints or the risk of injury. It´s heavy-duty construction allows for added stability, making the plyobox a versatile piece of fitness equipment for any workout space and gym.

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