Aspire to inspire and be present as a leader

Studies have shown that leaders who indicated that a more mindful presence is the optimal strategy to engage their people, create better connections and improve performance.

In addition, a survey of 2,000 employees made by Bain & Company found that among 33 leadership traits — including creating compelling objectives, expressing ideas clearly, and being receptive to input — the ability to be mindfully present (also called centeredness) is the most essential of all.

If you are struggling with it, add ME TIME in your calendar, start with 10 minutes. In your chair if you wish, close your eyes and maybe help yourself with a chill out tune. Now if you want extra help and are lucky enough to have a Cryotherapy chamber near you treat yourself to an increase endorphins A.K.A your happy cells, to a reduction in the impact of stress on the body and improvement in your sleep quality.

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