Biohacking to be immortal?

Would you biohack your body and your system to be immortal? First we have to start describing what a biohacker is: “someone who uses science and technology to try to improve their health by "hacking" their biology, often doing things that the rest of us would consider a bit mad” that’s how Reporter Anne Cassiddy from BBC describes it.

Dave Asprey, founder of cult US coffee brand this demands a little side line here, if you have not tried it yet, go ahead, find it and try it, your brain and focus sessions will change forever! Our founders swear by it. Anyway, back to Dave, he has set his mind to live 180 years, for that reason he has had some invasive procedures such as having part of his bone marrow removed every six months, so that some of his stem cells can be extracted, and then injected all over his body.

Now, worry not! As there are far easier and less extreme ways to biohack your body. In fact Dave himself has a Cryotherapy chamber at his disposal. You only need 2-3 minutes to treat yourself to a life little upgrade.

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