SWEATY SHEETS? 7 Ideas for better sleep in the heat

Worried about being able to sleep tonight? Nah! Pick one or two below for better chances to perform in the morning!

1. Siesta anytime, not really!

Good siesta habits are meant to be around midday for full performance during the rest of the day. Do not snooze later on - save it for bedtime.

2. Business as usual.

Try not to change the routine at night as that can actually change your sleep pattern.

3. The science of the window.

Closed during the day, open at night if you can. Not opened during the day as many in the UK do...that includes blinds.

4. Socks in the rocks please!

Having a Cryotherapy session now would be a dream hey?! Now, if it is too late for one, a fan can be a great idea. What? You were too late even for amazon prime, then put your socks in the fridge or get a cold bottle! DIY last minute pretend cryo feel lolz

5. Stay hydrated but be smart about it.

Be careful with certain soft drinks as some can stimulate the central nervous system making you feel more awake.

6. Stay calm.

If you're struggling to sleep, try to do something that soothes you. Reading maybe? But not on your phone as blue light is stimulating. Maybe it is a good time to turn the light in your phone to a yellow tone at night?...do it now before you forget.

7. Get Over it! Catch up sleep tomorrow?

Mmm not really. Some scientists agree that there is no such a thing as catching up on sleep BUT one night of poor sleep is unlikely to kill you either! Your performance might be affected for tomorrow yes but maybe some of these ideas above can help you to avoid it and...DREAM SMAR7ER


PS: Now turn that light in your phone yellow or better , put it down...shhh good night!


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