Gym Flooring & Gym Floor Mats - Tips to consider when installing

At Stronger Wellness we provide a wide range of Flooring Solutions from: rubber flooring, floor mats and gym tiles to suit any area of the studio and home gym projects. With years of experience in Gym Design, we can guide you through the entire process for your fitness project, offering options for each area to match the experience you are looking to create for your members. 

What to consider when installing your Flooring?

  1. How can Flooring Enhance my Member Experience?
    Great surface design can enhance the overall look and feel of the area, making the training experience far more engaging and enjoyable. There is more than just black rubber!
  2. What Type of surface do I need?
    Consider the types of training that will be done in the space and choose a product that fits your needs. Not all surfaces are the same, this is why we provide a large range of flooring options, rubber flooring, gym floor mats,  floor tiles, outdoor flooring and more.
  3. How to boost your Performance? 
    The intensity of a workout plays a huge part in performance training, and choosing the correct Flooring provides the optimal surface for intense workouts. Features like shock absorption, non-slip qualities, and bounce allow you to perform safely and at an optimum level. If you’re weight lifting, cardio, or doing a HIIT workout, your body needs the right protection. Your training surface is essential to improve traction, and safety during your workouts. 
  4. Absorb & reduce Sound
    The correct material will help block out the loud noise that comes from most weight training & high intensity workouts. If there is a need to reduce sound, get this right straight away. Trying to make changes once the gym is open can be disruptive and extremely costly. Similar scenarios can apply for home gyms. 
  5. Do I need Sub-Flooring? 
    Get the sub floor preparation right. In our experience the majority of 'Flooring' issues that gyms experience are actually due to the sub-floor rather than the actual flooring. Allocate some budget here or it could cost you later.



David Lloyd Blaze - Gym Flooring


Location - UK wide and Europe

After a successful pilot, David Lloyd were looking to roll out their Blaze concept to over 50 clubs. They came to us to find a solution for the flooring that could meet a number of specific requirements; non slip (even with sweat), hygienic for floor work, robust enough for strength training, works with the Woodway treadmills, great design, makings that would last.

The roll out of 3 club installations per week was managed from design to installation.

Products - Pavigym Extreme Floor Tiles  (Onyx Black) with laser cut markings, Pavigym Turf (Green) with bespoke design


Leisure Focus - Gym Flooring

LEISURE FOCUS - Windsor Leisure Centre

Location - Berkshire

The new trust wanted to refurbish a tired and underutilized room in the gym, to create an open and exciting training space with a true identity. We managed the whole project from concept design to full installation. We also supplied all equipment in this project including Half Racks, Plates, Dumbbells, YBells and HIIT Cardio.

Products - Pavigym Extreme S&S (Onyx Black), Pavigym Weightlifting (Stone Grey), Pavigym Custom Sprint Turf (Black), CrossFit 25mm Tile. Plus all gym equipment and Yoga Mats



Home Gym Project - Gym Flooring


Location - Surrey UK

The client wanted to convert their double garage into a training area focusing on strength and HIIT training. We provided a simple but elegant and effective Black Gym Tile that complemented the design and equipment perfectly.

Products - Pavibasic CT20 (Gym Floor Tiles)


Home Gym Flooring


Location - Surrey UK

The brief for this project was to convert part of an underused top floor to a Home Gym space to suit all the family. The Home Gym flooring needed to be suitable for anything from floor exercises to strength training, while also minimising sound to the floors below. We provided a full solution including removal, installation of all gym equipment 

Products - Pavigym Extreme S&S Floor Tiles (Pure Stone) & Gym Equipment. 

More information on Flooring  & Gym Design 

  • More information see our Flooring Page 
  • For a holistic approach to your fitness project check out our  Gym Design page. 

For any other inquiries feel free to contact us and a member of out team will be in touch as soon as possible. 

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