Introducing the next generation of integrated fitness solutions.

The YBell Neo is a 4-in-1 piece of fitness equipment with ENDLESS WORKOUTS. It's coated in neoprene, so it's non slip and safe when you sweat. It's also rust resistant and ideal for training indoors, outdoors or wherever you do your workout. YBell Fitness - Video Intro

The YBell is an all in one piece of fitness equipment with endless workouts.

For fitness at Home: You can now do kettlebell, dumbbell, double grip medicine ball, push-up stand and unique YBell exercises all with the one piece of fitness equipment. The YBell has been carefully designed by experts in fitness and industrial design to make it easy and accessible for Every Body. Sizes range from 4.5kg to 12kg and its intuitive, multi-handled design allows the weight to be distributed in multiple ways to accommodate exercisers of all levels. 

In the Gym: Clubs, gyms, studios, boot camps and trainers are using YBells around the world. The patented and patents pending, award-winning product is simple to use and reduces the cost of having multiple products. It is great for one-on-one training and group exercise. YBell Fitness also provides digital and in-person education programs that allow trainers to expand their skill sets and fitness offerings. 

The YBell Fitness Mobile App provides free access to an introduction to safely use and understand the product, a handful of introductory YBell workouts, and various YBell programming that range from beginner to advanced. Workout with YBell creator and founder, Az, while he takes you through custom YBell workouts and interact with other app users by using the community forum! Available on web, iOS, and Android devices. 

"With 4 international design awards and a US Women’s Health 2021 FItness Award, the YBell is here to stay.”


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