Theragun UK - Percussive Therapy Massager

S7R is pleased to announce its partnership with Theragun UK - Therabody

We are delighted to be working with the team at Therabody UK, with some old friends and new from the fitness industry. Great people with great products, what an amazing combination! Recovery is a massive component into wellbeing and therefore this partnership makes perfect sense. Train hard, recover harder, to train harder again!

If you are looking to recover faster and train harder, Theragun is the ideal training partner. Theragun is a powerful high-intensity massage device popular among professional athletes and trainers all over the world. The original percussive therapy device, Theragun was created by Dr. Jason Wersland almost a decade ago, in a quest to relieve his debilitating pain caused by a traumatic motorcycle accident.  When nothing on the market worked, he created a makeshift tool that works, and therefore creating the first Theragun.

What is a Theragun?

Theragun is a quiet, smart, powerful and elegant massage device that treats muscle soreness and pain. The vibration and force produced by the device uses percussive therapy to treat muscle soreness and stiffness, increasing mobility and relieving pain for faster and more effective recovery.

What is percussive therapy?

Percussive therapy is one of the latest discoveries in sports recovery, it produces soft tissue manipulation intended to reduce muscle soreness and increase range of motion. The massage gun provides accelerated bursts that help release muscle knots which are the primary suspects for body pain. A deep muscle treatment that delivers rapid and long vertical strokes into the muscle, causing a neuromuscular response.  Percussion therapy desensitizes the surrounding area of your aching muscle until the pulses penetrate the target area

How does the Theragun work?

Depth, speed, and force are key to any deep muscle treatment, The Theragun is designed to “talk with the nervous system” through Amplitude, Frequency and Torque.  The device impacts the muscle with a targeted and scientifically calibrated dose of strokes for greater therapeutic benefits, thus reaching 60% deeper into the muscle than your average massager. Theragun helps move the lactic acid out of the muscles that you fatigued during workouts, thus reducing recovery times.


Theragun UK - Percussive Therapy Massager


How to use a Theragun?

You can use the device on tense or tight muscles for two minutes to help release stress and increase mobility and get the most out of your body. If you have a painful knot in a specific area, Theragun UK advises working around the area with the appropriate attachment, instead of directly on the knot. The various attachments provide a personalised treatment for your needs and each treatment. 

Alternatively, you may also use the massager gun to help you warm up for your workouts. Using your Theragun before your workout can help activate your muscles which helps your performance, and also reduces the risk of injury, by increasing the blood flow through the muscles. 

However, our friends at Theragun UK have made using the product easy.  Download the Therabody app and pair your device and let the app take over.  Simply choose your desired treatment based on activity type, body part, ailment or lifestyle and the app will guide you on how to move the device across the body and how much pressure to use.  There are even intro guides for new users.

At we provide a full range of Therabody products, including accessories.  For any additional questions do not hesitate to contact our team.  


  1. Theragun Mini The Theragun mini is compact but powerful, giving you Theragun quality muscle treatment anytime, anywhere.
  2. Theragun Prime The new standard in percussive therapy. Smart, simplified, with hardly any sound.
  3. Theragun PRO - Powerfully quiet, professional-grade performance in a Smart Percussive Therapy device that's truly in a league of its own
  4. Theragun Elite  - The quietest treatment ever with an elevated, premium design and advanced sound insulation.
  5. Wave Roller A powerful and efficient foam rolling experience

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