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Eco Ground7 Workout and Yoga Mat is a middle point between enough cushion to make it comfortable but not too much to make you wobble. Great option for abs workouts, mobility sessions and if you are beginning your yoga and Pilates journey. 

Support, stability and cushioning in perfect balance so that you have no excuse to have a wonderful practice or a abs killer session. Lightweight and non slip, here we go!

Yoga Mat - Features 


  • Latex free and PVC Free
  • Logo in laser
  • Colours: Blue and pink
  • Thickness: 6mm
  • Size: 61W by 183L cm

Caring for your Mat

  • To extend the life of the mat please avoid excessive heat and direct sunlight exposure. 
  • Wipe after your session with a slightly damp cloth and let it dry. Do not use harsh chemicals. No need to scrub it too hard either as it might damage the top layer of the mat
  • Only store it rolled 
  • Store it out of direct sunlight or humid places 

Choosing the right Yoga Mat

Well this is a difficult conversation as everyone will have a preference but we can give you some pointers from our own experience and conversations with people about this hot debate:

A thin yoga mat is about 1/16-inch thick  (1.6mm) and are ideal for traveling and practicing high intensity, balance postures with a strong connection to the floor. Bearing in mind these thin mats provide less cushioned support.

If you are new to yoga or require something with more padding then maybe try the standard mat 1/8 (3.3mm) or the thicker range up to 1/4 inch (6.3mm). With the little note here that some say that the more padding it has the less stability it will give you for the hard core poses...but then you could say, well I am not there yet so give me comfort!

The premium 1/4 inch mats are ideal for back support during core workouts, inversions, and other postures that may cause your joints to dig into the ground. 

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