Abs & Core Blaster Sandbell by Hyperwear


Because we can all do with a little help when it comes to training our core. Drag it from side to side, let it rest on top of that plank, add it to one side to make you that little bit more unstable pushing you to engage more, slam it at the end of the move, tossed, throw it, you name it! 

This abs and core tool not only target muscles groups but also challenges grip strength by engaging the hand, wrist, and forearm with every move. The dynamic shift and instability of the moving sand inside the SandBell also provides a unique training effect that engages your core and stabilizer muscles.

One of the reasons it is so popular for core workouts it is because it is so soft, so if you get it wrong or if your routine requires for it to rest on you or to slam it, it is gentle with you body and the floor.

Lift it, drag it, toss it, rest it...the combinations are endless!



Brand: Hyperwear

Weight: Blaster is 3.5kg and Blaster X is 5.5kg

Material: Neoprene Sand Filled 

Warranty: 1 year


Wipe down and clean your SandBell using a damp cloth. Do not use abrasive chemicals like bleach, ammonia or Clorox wipes to clean your SandBell and if needed dish soap is best. 

Punctures and cuts are not covered under our warranty policy. Avoid using your SandBell on any surfaces where a puncture or cut may occur. Contact Us for tips on repair options for punctures or cuts/tears.

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