Cast Iron Kettlebell - S7R Swingers


Hot off the production line, our Cast Iron Kettlebells Swingers are here to stay!

Kettlebell training comes with a host of benefits.  One of the primary benefits of Kettlebells is that almost every exercise you perform is a total body exercise.  

The design and weight distribution of the Kettlebell means that it sits outside of your grip rather (as with most other weight accessories and machines).  This replicates many of the forces that you will encounter in everyday life and in sports. The ultimate functional training tool.

Weight Sizes Available: 

Weight Range: 4kg, 6kg Kettlebell, 8kg,10kg, 12kg Kettlebell, 16kg, 18kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28kg & 32kg.


We manufacture from the highest quality iron ore. Each bell is made from a single piece casting to produce the most robust, reliable, and long-lasting Kettlebell for the toughest environments.

Our Kettlebells come in a beautiful matt black powder-coated finish with color-coded handles making each weight easy to identify, especially for trainers.

Sizes available: 4kg, 6kgKettlebell, 8kg,10kg, 12kgKettlebell, 16kg, 18kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28kg and 32kg Kettlebell.

Weight tolerance +/- 2%.

Kettlebell workouts are a popular form of FREE weight exercise that can offer a variety of benefits. Here are some potential benefits of the kettlebell workout:

- Strength building: Kettlebell exercises often involve multiple muscle groups, making them an effective way to build overall strength and muscular endurance.

- Cardiovascular fitness: Kettlebell exercises can be performed in a high-intensity manner, making them a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness and burn calories.

- Core stability: Kettlebell workouts often require the use of the core muscles, which can help improve stability and balance.

- Flexibility: Kettlebell exercises can help improve flexibility and range of motion, particularly in the hips and shoulders.

- Injury prevention: Kettlebell workouts often involve functional movements that mimic real-life activities, which can help prevent injury and improve overall mobility.

1 Year limited

Fair wear and tear including but not limited to aded, worn, cracked/split, chipped surfaces finishes of rubber, urethane or vinyl products; odour (from rubber products); and surface oxidation (rust) on products with metal finishes or paint and Plating being worn away; or Wilful or negligent damage (abuse) of the product or the use of the products for a purpose other than the purpose intended or in abnormal use conditions

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