Gym Flooring - Pavibasic REC Cube 6


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 Rec Rub is a compact fitness gym flooring that’s perfect for gyms and spinning rooms. Its resistance to heavy impacts and effective shock absorption ensures that training is easy on the joints while offering the necessary protection for your floor. With an impact resistance rating of 14-15 Nm, Rec Rub considerably exceeds the sports flooring minimum impact resistance rating of 8 Nm. 

Rec Rub isn’t just durable. It offers significant protection to your subfloors, and helps dampen sounds as well as impacts, while still being forgiving to heavy blows. What’s more, it’s also suitable for areas with underfloor heating, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice the comfort of your users for a good flooring solution.


  • Rolls (40m2) 20x2 m x 6,7mm
  • Weight (114Kg)
  • Thickness: 6mm- 10mm
  • Roll Width: 1,250mm
  • Roll Length: 10-20mm