S7R Hex Dumbbells - Hero PRO (Pair)

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Stronger Hero PRO Rubber Hex Dumbbells use the best commercial grade rubber available to manufacture in the market with a matte finish helping the dumbbell stay looking great over time.

The six sided Hexagonal design prevents rolling and makes the Dumbbell ideal for push up exercises. Our Stronger Wellness Dumbbells come with a  Rubber casing  great for those seeking to prevent floor damage.

The classic, 6 sided Rubber Hex Dumbbell design reduces dumbbell roll when placed on the floor, also making them ideal for push up exercises. This shape is a total favourite of gyms, HIIT studios, crossfit boxes, on demand fitness apps like FIIT TV, Peloton, Barry's bootcamp and more.

The hex dumbbell grips are of superior quality to help you grip safely and more comfortably.
*SOLD IN PAIRS (2 x Rubber Hex Dumbbells) 

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  • Finishing: Mat rubber casing with a solid cast iron core with mat chrome handle
  • Weight: 2kg-20kg in 2kg increments.  
  • Tolerance: +/- 3%
  • ! Year Consumer Guarantee.