Hip Thrust & Glute Box - Glute Exercises (Glutebuilder)



The only Hip Thrust and Glute Box made of highly resistant wood & covered by high-density foam. (Glutebuilder)

The Glutebuilder Hip Thrust and Glute Box is carefully designed with highly resistant wood with rounded edges & covered by density foam made for maximum comfort. Thanks to its patented angled design make training & glutes workout more effective, convenient, and safe.

The Hip thrust and glute box offers a unique versatility with More than 30 exercises for glutes and legs with Free access to the full exercise library.

Train anywhere, in a reduced space, at any floor type.

-Ideal to add a resistance band and perform standard hip extension with knee bent, or with leg fully extended moving upwards as well as diagonally upwards.

- The inclined surface enables a convenient and natural extended range of motion

- The large surface is ideal to perfectly position the non-working leg as well as to support the hands for extra stability

- Two different heights to position your feet

- Ideal to add a resistance band at the bottom and increase the intensity of the exercises

- The angled shape increases stability and back external support

- Prevents users from sliding backwards

- Provides a consistent point of contact

- Inclined surface aid proper form

- Comfortable contact point on the pelvis and hips

- Large training surface to support the trunk

- Working platform area: 23"X21" / 60X55cms

- Front Height: 12.5″ (32cms)

- Back Height: 16.9" / 41cms

- Weight: 32 pounds / 14.5 kgs

- Materials: Highly resistant wood with rounded edges & covered by density foam made for maximum comfort

- Colour: Black with salmon brand splashes

THE GLUTEBUILDER BOX has a 90-day limited warranty against breaking or manufacturing defects beyond normal wear and tear.

Clean after every use with a non abrasive cloth and a mild soapy water (do not use bleach or any other strong detergents or cleaner solutions)

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