Lebert EQualizer - Dip Bar


The possibilities of the Lebert Equalizer - Dip bar are virtually unlimited; dips, pulling up, lifting the legs, lifting the legs sideways.

Lebert EQualizer - Dip bar

Over 100 dip bar - body-weight strength exercises for the beginner to the advanced  

Black coloured Lebert is the XL size.

Pack contains:

  • Workout DVD
  • Workout Poster

The Lebert Equalizer takes up little space and is suitable for everyone; individually or in groups. The Dip bar stand frames are 72.5cm high and 63cm wide (XL: 80cm high and 63cm wide). The robust construction of the Lebert Equalizer has a maximum load capacity of 180kg.

The Lebert Equalizer comes with a work-out poster and an English work-out DVD. You can assemble the Dip bar quickly and easily, with a few screws, so you can start your workout right away. The frames are easy to carry thanks to the low weight (each 3.6kg).

A total body workout with a device that takes up very little space.