Studio Barbell Pump Set +20KG Tropical Super Vortex


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Studio Barbell Weight Sets are a versatile and manageable piece of fitness equipment in commercial gyms and are also ideal for home use. With the ability to set the weight to your requirements, this 20kg Studio Barbell Pump Set is perfect for total body strength workouts. Also loved by some of the world's users of on-demand apps (Les Mills) & body pump weights.


The Super Vortex  Barbell Pump Set is perfect for body pump weights and especially for those who are looking to add additional weights and up their game.  Arrange the plates for low or high-intensity workouts and gradually improve your strength and condition with full-body workouts. 

The Super Vortex Pump Bar can take a maximum load of 100kg versus the standard Tropical and Calypso Vortex bars that will take a max load of 30kg.

Note that the additional weight packs are sold separately.

The Studio Barbell Pump Set is available in 1.20 Mts and 1.50 Mts.

Studio Barbell Pump Set - Features



The 20kg Barbell Pump Set Includes:

  • Weight 20kg
  • Pump bar options: 1200mm or 1500mm
  • 28mm solid steel bar (no foam)
  • 2 x 1.25kg discs (yellow)
  • 2 x 2.5kg discs (green)
  • 2 x 5kg discs (orange)
  • 2 x spring collars  
  • Maximum bar load 100kg


  • Get extra body pump weight packs to get to your desired higher load to spice things up! 💪
  • The difference in the bar length will simply allow you to have a slightly bigger space for weight plates from the 1.20 to the 1.50 version
  • Check out the Standard Vortex Pump Set set if you perhaps are after the bar that has the foam, something slightly cheaper, and are not bothered about being able to load up to 100kg...



  • 1 Year Consumer Guarantee
  • Colors intensity may vary from the picture