Body Pump Weight Set - 20kg Studio Barbell Set

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Ideal for Boddy Pump Weights, our 20 Kg Vortex - Studio Barbell Set is a versatile and manageable piece of studio equipment, perfect for commercial gyms, and ideal for home fitness. The Rubber Barbell Set not only protects your floor from damage, but it reduces the noise when working out. 


The Vortex Barbell Pump Set has a total weight of 20kg and a maximum load of 30kg.

This adaptable Pump Weight Set is perfect for all levels of fitness, ranging from beginners to more experienced users. Set the weights to your requirements, and arrange the plates for low or high-intensity workouts. Gradually improve your strength and condition with full-body workouts, on-demand apps (Les Mills Fitness), and Body Pump Workouts. 


Using free weights is the perfect way to strengthen and tone your muscles. Ideal for controlled movements and full-body workouts, train your body’s stabilizing muscles and benefit from the wellness in your everyday life.  Our Studio Barbell Pump Set is perfect for upper body strength workouts, burning calories, and improved posture.

Body Pump Weights are great workout gear, ideal for strengthening, shaping, and toning the entire body. Perfect for taking your squats, lifts, presses, and curls to the next level, as well as obtaining more effective results in terms of increasing strength, endurance, muscle definition, and fat burning. Excellent piece to incorporate into any exercise routine.

    BARBELL PUMP SET - Features



    The Vortex Studio Barbell Pump Set Includes:

    • Total weight set = 20kg
    • The Pump Bar has a max. load of 30kg with a foam area to make it easier on the hands.
    • 2 x 1.25kg rubber weight plates (yellow)
    • 2 x 2.5kg rubber weight  plates(green)
    • 2 x 5kg plates (orange)
    • 2 x collars
    • Additional weight pack


    Ideal for men and women for all fitness levels, you can choose between two options (taking into account your preferences and needs) there is a Barbell Pump Set for everyone! Do not miss the opportunity to have yours at home and begin to notice the benefits of weight training.

    You can choose:

    • 28 mm diameter bar or
    • 30mm bar (Calypso set, launched in January )
    • For an extra load of maximum load of 100Kg  check out the Super Tropical set, our old-time Studio Barbell Pump Set 


    TIPS: For fitness apps & Body Pump Workouts

    1. Check out some of the additional weight packs if you want to spice things up.... Get the choice of having the plates ready to go for a smoother transition from bar sequence to weight plate sequence
    2. Some people are buying either YBell 4 in 1 as an alternative and/or hexagonal dumbbells for a more seamless transition and workout from the bar tracks to the weight plate tracks on the workouts. 


    • 1 Year Consumer Guarantee
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