S7R Bumper Plates - Wet Rebel


S7R Bumper Plates - Wet Rebel - 5kg is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Our premium rubber encased Bumper Plates are designed to reduce noise and floor damage in your home or facility as well as the wear and tear on the plates themselves.

Designed for a low bounce and snug fit on the bar.

The stainless steel centre sleeve allows smooth loading onto an Olympic Bar.

The quality and robustness of our plates are drop tested 10,000 times from a height of 1.5m.



Material - NR+SBR+ stainless steel 304 inserts

Dimensions - 450mm (IWF Standard)

Collar Opening - 50.60mm

Weight Range - 5kg (Grey), 10kg (Green), 15kg (Yellow), 20kg (Blue), 25kg (Red)

Tolerance - +/- 1.5%

Thickness - 26mm (5kg), 46mm (10kg), 63mm (15kg), 72mm (20kg), 84kg (25kg)