S7R Resistance Bands - Bandits


Fitness Premium Quality

Resistance Bands are now a popular choice inside and outside the gym to add variety to any workout.  Our Resistance Bands come in various strengths that can be used to develop balance, coordination, and flexibility, or add them to your strength training for extra spice!

They are perfect to add tension to common exercises or assisting pull-ups and dips. 

Which Resistance Band Should I Choose?

  • Dynamic mobility or rehab exercises: need a lighter power band that will give or flex with the body.

  • Resistance exercises: connecting yourself to a rig or a partner, Medium, Heavy or Extra Heavy

  • Assistance exercises -assisted pull up:  work from heaviest resistance down, as you get stronger you can use a lighter band, Heavy, and Extra Heavy Resistance band.


2080 x 4.5 x 32mm

2080 x 4.5 x 45mm

2080 x 4.5 x 64mm

2080 x 4.5 x 83mm



Add versatility to your exercises with our bands, which due to their different resistances allow you to strengthen your body faster.

Quickly identify your bands thanks to the colors.

  • 100% natural eco-friendly latex
  • Resistance Band Length - 2080mm
  • Light: Purple
  • Medium: Green
  • Heavy: Blue
  • Extra Heavy: Orange


  • 1 Year Warranty