Stages SC2 Refurbished - Indoor Bike

£1,380.00 £1,823.00

Fitness Premium

Free Delivery and Ready to Use. ** Perfect condition and Full Warranty

*** Fully refurbished bike by Stages certified engineers.  New: paint finish on the frame, powder coat on cranks, saddle, sprint shift, pedals, guards, and stabilizers

Designed for the world's most popular rhythm classes from Soul Cycle to Psycle and Barry's. For those riders that just want to pedal without needing any data to have a great workout! For home riders, it is a great choice if you already have a subscription to an on-demand bike classes channel or if you want to use it to simply pedal with your music.


Check out the list of required maintenance tasks to be performed on a regular basis. All tasks are quick and will help to avoid larger issues in the future. 


  • Wipe down the bike using mild soap and water or a mild cleaner
  • Do not use products with ammonium chloride to clean the bikes, as they will cause the glue to come off


  • Clean and lubricate sliding tubes (use mild soap/water & silicone lubricant)
  • Inspect pedals: Fraying straps, broken bindings, tightness
  • Visually inspect all hardware components
  • Check and adjust FitLocs as needed - SC2/SC3


  • Check crank bolt torque (Torque to 52-57 Nm or 38-42 lb – ft)
  • Check power meter battery levels (all models) and change out batteries as needed
  • Check console battery levels (SC1 & SC2) models and change out batteries as needed
  • Check and update Firmware as needed


  • For maximum performance & safety, replace the pedals every year
  • Inspect bottom brackets

    Stages SC2 ccommodates all rhythm hand positions comfortably
    CarbonGlyde drive system, featuring the Gates Carbon Drive carbon fiber belt, provides Stages' signature smooth ride
    Allows a big resistance change with a single touch with the Sprint Shift
    Feels like an outdoor bike in the comfort of your home

    CarbonGlyde Carbon Fiber Belt - 10 years.
    Mechanical System - 3 years.
    Labour - 1 year.
    Wear Items - 6 months.

    Standard Delivery: Please ensure you read the additional information for exceptions based on location and other criterias. 

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