Studio Vinyl Dumbbells (Pair)

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Weight Range from 1kg to 5kg weights

The studio dumbbell is a classic of the studios and still a popular choice for people who are starting their weight training journey and/or are looking to tone. We have also seen it in pilates, barre, and yoga classes for those wanting to add a little bit more of a challenge for certain moves but of course, some purists would disagree.

Everyone needs to start somewhere, everyone responds differently to challenges, and sometimes small things like the way the weight feels in the hands, the progression in small weights, and even simple memories from the past are those triggers that make us take that next step, that makes you stronger. 

If you need more dumbbell sizes and up to 10kg, check out our new vinyl range.


  • Sold in pairs
  • A compact shape makes them easy to store
  • Metal with vinyl coating. The entire dumbbell, including the handle, is coated
  • Different sizes in different colors
  • From 1kg to 5kg
  • Easy to clean. Simply wipe them with a wet cloth after your workout
  • It can be used both for commercial gyms and home gyms. 

Our Vinyl Dumbbells are great gym equipment for different strength and weight training with multiple available sizes that meet the requirements of people of all levels.

3-5kg dumbbells are great for building muscle in arms and shoulders, stability, and core strength. 1-2kg dumbbells are good additions to a hot and intensive workout session like squats, lunges, aerobic workouts, and many more.

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