Grid X Triggerpoint Foam Roller


Grid X Triggerpoint Foam Roller is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The GRID X® Triggerpoint Foam Roller is their firmest foam roller. It was created to break through the body's toughest, tightest trouble spots to improve mobility and reduce muscle pain and soreness. This extra firm foam roller is for athletes with dense muscle tissue and anyone who prefers a deep tissue massage.

Benefits of Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is a fantastic exercise, commonly used for self-muscle release and soreness, it enhances muscular performance and it speeds up recovery.  Similar to deep tissue massage, the Foam Roller is used by athletes to relieve tight muscles by increasing blood flow and oxygen to the muscles that are causing problems with joints and mobility.  Along with muscles, it also works into a soft tissue called fascia, repairing the tight tissue after workouts, increasing mobility and elasticity. 


  • Extra strong GRID foam roller with hollow core
  • Surface with grid system of different widths and densities
  • Size: Ø 14 cm, 33 cm long.