Gymset Gym Design, A Private Micro-Gym available to everyone

The Gymset is a community focused Private Micro-Gym available to everyone.  Designed for gym-goers, fitness newbies and personal trainers in Bristol,

The idea was to create Private Gyms that are available to everyone - individuals, small groups of friends or a Personal Trainer with their clients. Imagine working out in the best home gym imaginable, but without the normal commitment and cost.

The Concept

"...We wanted to create a safe, judgement-free and contract-free spaces for people to work out exactly as they want to.......We’re here to offer an alternative to traditional workout spaces. Where gym-goers can freely sweat, lift, lunge and recover in total privacy with high-grade equipment, customisable lighting and your own music. We’re here to allow any personal trainer in Bristol have the freedom to train their clients their own way."
 Gymset - Interior Gym Design

Brief and Challenges: Jonathan had found a unique and beautiful location in the heart of Bristol surrounded by a host of independent coffee shops and restaurants.  However, the challenge was how to turn the small room into a space that offered all the fitness equipment that was needed, as well as enough open functional space to make the space inviting, so the gym layout was our main challenge. 

We worked closely with Jon and his branding team to run through the equipment, the gym design and layout ideas including custom racks, custom storage, custom branded gym flooring and best in class equipment.  Attention to detail and flexibility was critical for this project.

Interior Gym Design

After a collaborative process we had some challenges to overcome, even late in the project, but we were able to deliver a Fitness Space with real character and strong brand identity.  

Interior Gym Design

“Being a new gym and concept we tried out a couple of suppliers to fit-out our space but Stronger stood head and shoulders above. Steve provided his expert knowledge throughout the ordering process, followed up by Faye & Bibiana with extremely attentive and responsive customer service. The mix of the kit fitted perfectly the final conceptual idea we needed for GymSet”


Check out the Stronger Fitness Equipment for Gymset below:

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Link: View The Gymset Gym


Interior Gym Design

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