LONDON, Friday 9 June 2023 – Stronger is proud to support the Battle Cancer Program Certification delivered by CAWS.


Stronger will help gym facilities to provide a group workout program for people who have experienced Cancer after their Cancer treatment, by funding access to the Battle Cancer Program Certification for Club Partners in various locations across the UK — and Colombia.


The Battle Cancer Program Certification was developed by social impact organisation, Battle Cancer, and fitness education company, CAWS, in partnership with Nike. The Battle Cancer Program is a functional fitness based group workout program, specifically designed to rebuild the physical strength, independence and confidence of a person after their Cancer treatment. Battle Cancer and CAWS are working hard to support fitness facilities across the world to launch the Program to their members and wider communities, and open a much needed service to the millions of individuals dealing with the after-effects of Cancer and Cancer treatment. The Battle Cancer Program Certification certifies Coaches to deliver the Program in their facility. 


“The fact that organisations like Stronger are willing to help Clubs fund the Battle Cancer Program Certification so they can run the Program in their facilities is unbelievable. It demonstrates a huge kindness, and an open-minded attitude when it comes to helping Clubs consider news ways to reach more people across their communities or otherwise unengaged groups. A huge thank you on behalf of us and Battle Cancer, we’re very humbled by Stronger’s contribution to the initiative and their desire to help." Mel Spooner, CAWS Managing Director. 


Steve Shaw, Stronger Co-Founder, explains, “We are no different to most when we say that Cancer has taken away loved ones and affected the lives of many close to us. The spirit of the Battle Cancer Program is to inspire a community and celebrate battles already won, which captured our imagination — when we help create a workout space, we always try to see how we can maximise the impact in that community. By supporting gym facilities to access The Battle Cancer Program Certification we like to see it as our small contribution to a bigger difference.”


In the first instance, Stronger will support Rubicon Leisure, Redditch, Sandwell Leisure Trust, also in the Midlands, and Vi Training, to extend their existing services by adding The Battle Cancer Program to their timetable once their onsite Coach and Personal Trainer teams are certified. Stronger will also be supporting Vikings Box, Colombia, who will be amongst the first locations in Latin America to run The Battle Cancer Program.


Stronger Co-Founder, Elena Lapetra, added, “We’re just getting started! We’re talking now about ways to help fund access to The Battle Cancer Program Certification in other parts of the UK across communities where our Club Partners are located, and we know there’s a community need. Being able to extend community access to areas of the country that in some cases have little to no post-Cancer programmes or service, means real, meaningful impact.”


To find out more about how to get S7RONGER to fund The Battle Cancer Program Certification for your facility, message or chat to us at Elevate, London Excel, June 14-15 for the launch details.


- To find out more about becoming a Battle Cancer Program Certified Facility visit or message

- See the impact. Check out this video from CrossFit Barcelona.

- For those interested in joining a Battle Cancer Event, go for it!

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About CAWS

CAWS is an online fitness education company that creates original content and courses for Coaches and Personal Trainers. Every course is designed to provide Clubs and Coaches with the new content they say they need to be more successful or reach otherwise unengaged groups — we also make sure it’s as affordable as possible. 

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S7RONGER (pronounced Stronger) We are a British company with an aim to kill boring gym spaces. With the deep belief that your body is the greatest gift you will ever own, we travel the world to bring together best in class products and people, to create workout spaces with a strong identity. Gym Design tailored to you. Proudly designing, and delivering gym flooring and fitness equipment under a carbon neutral business operation.

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About Battle Cancer

We want to drive a movement that helps those affected by Cancer, to inspire them in their darkest moments and support them in recovery.

Our work is threefold and aims to:

1. Raise awareness and funds for cancer charities by delivering epic fundraising events

2. Connect a supportive community of like minded people through the sharing of stories and experiences

3. Promote health and wellbeing as a preventative to illness

Together we will battle cancer, and together we will win. We also have our own charity, The Battle Cancer Program, which supports people post-cancer with fully-funded fitness programs. It is our charity that inspired the creation of The Battle Cancer Program Certification together with CAWS, and Nike.

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