Hex Dumbbells - Hero S7R UK


**Dumbells Sold in Pairs** 

The classic Hex Dumbbell remains the favorite of Gyms, HIIT studios, CrossFit Boxes, and Homes all over the world.  The robust manufacturing comes with a rubber coating and cast iron core design, making the Hex a versatile companion whether you are doing a full-body functional workout or straight-up strength training.

The weight range is available from: 1kg, 2kg, 2.5kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6 kg, 7.5kg, 8kg, 9 and 10kg hex dumbbell, Then afte, up to 30kg Hex in 2,5kgweight  intervals. .   

We also provide additional sizes on request for commercial customers. Contact us for more info.


  • Six-sided Hexagonal design prevents rolling and makes them ideal for push-up exercises.
  • Rubber casing with a solid cast iron core.
  • Heavy-duty rubber encased heads minimize noise, prevent floor damage, and make the dumbbell extremely robust.
  • Easy-grip ergonomic chrome handle with diamond knurling to reduce hand fatigue.

**S7R Hex Dumbbells are SOLD IN PAIRS**



  • Hex Dumbbells Finishing: Bright chrome handle
  • Handle diameter: 28mm up to 5kg Dumbbells and 35mm thereafter
  • Dumbell Weights:  from 1kg up to 30kg. From the 10kg dumbbell, the weights increase in 2.5kg increments.  
  • Handle length: 129mm
  • Tolerance: +/- 3%


The hex dumbbell is a great tool to use at home or at the gym.  Check out his Home Dumbbell Workout it provides a full-body workout and allows you to work each side of the body at a time, 


  • 1 Year Consumer Guarantee