Home Dumbbell Workout - Only Complex Workout

Returning to the gym, enjoying home training or a mix of both? Here we are going to be looking at a dumbbell only complex workout to keep you inspired regardless of where you choose to train 💪. Home workout or Gym. 

The hex dumbbell is a great tool to use at home or at the gym when it comes to re-learning or refining movement patterns that we may have lost quality of over lockdown. Don’t worry! It happens to the best too, picking up bad habits is easy but it is also easy to fix, we got you 🙌.

This Home Dumbbell Workout allows you to work each side of the body at a time, which is great for curing any strength imbalances. Also, as each limb will be moving independently, there is an element anti-flexion & anti-rotation involved meaning we will be training our core just as much the working muscles! Oh yes! Everyone loves a bit of that!


Home Dumbbell Workout - Directions

Frequency: Do this home workout separately as a stand alone, or it can be a great addition to your current training session.

How to do it?: There is a rolling clock of 3 minutes 30 seconds, reps will start at 5 reps for each movement. Whatever time is left over in the set time is your rest. Perform all reps for each movement on one side of the body before performing the reps on the other side. If you find 5 reps too easy, add another rep after each round till your are left with 30 seconds rest.

1. Single-Arm Renegade Row Workout 

We begin the  Home Dumbbell - Complex  Workout in a tall plank position, with one hand positioned on the dumbbell and feet just beyond shoulder width. Furthermore we want to have our weight hand directly beneath our shoulder, and have our free hand placed just in front our head to give us stability. Next step is the row, simply we want to row towards our hips, this best gives our shoulder joint a smooth and healthy range of motion. Finally when we perform the row, keep hips and shoulders as square as possible and not succumb to rotational force keep your core braced (Anti-rotation).


Dumbbell Row - Home Dumbbell Workout


2. Single-Arm Dumbbell Hang Snacth Workout 

From the row we stand up and transition into a dumbbell hang snatch. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, hinge at the hips and move into a partial squat position. Then drive through your heels to stand up. When the dumbbell passes your knees extend through your hips, quickly exploding out of the squat, using the momentum generated to pull the dumbbell up overhead. The dumbbell and arm should finish straight with the elbow close to your ear and the weight directly overhead. 


Dumbbell Hang Snacth - Home Workout


3. Single-Arm Dumbbell Push Press Workout 

Third exercise is the push press. The extended arm comes back down and rests on the shoulder. Your elbow should run parallel with the floor. Dip straight downward by partially hinging at the hips and flexing at the knees. As you extended at the knees and hip, push through the middle of your foot and punch the weight directly upward. When arm is fully extended, the dumbbell should be directly above one foot. Make sure to keep both feet fully and firmly planted on the floor (don’t stand on your tiptoes). Hold the weight in the air for a split second before brining it down to shoulder level in preparation of the subsequent rep.


Dumbbell Push Press -  Home Dumbbell Workout


4. Single-Arm Front Rack Squat Workout

For this home workout bring the dumbbell down to the shoulder and shift your hand towards the front of the dumbbell head. This will allow you to tilt your elbow up, giving the dumbbell a more stable base of support, with the rear head resting on the shoulder. Your feet should be just beyond shoulder width, with feet at 11’oclock and 1’oclock and distribute your weight through the middle of your foot. When descending hinge at your hips and drive your knees forward and inking with where your feet are pointing. Remember to keep heels mot the floor, but force still being distributed through the middle of your feet. Keep the elbow/arm up or parallel to the ground throughout. Stand up.


Home Dumbbell Workout - Front Rack Squat


We hope you give this a go! And tag us if you try it....the best photo on Insta will get a discount code 🤩

This training routine is perfect for conditioning your entire body, increasing endurance, and strengthening different muscle groups. With this Dumbbell Home Workout you can achieve great results if you focus on your personal goals and adapt the best exercises to these. You need a dumbbell or hex dumbbell Or a YBELL, your favorite music and a great “let’s smash it attitude!” Use a timer if you need more control of your time and start! Nobody said that only in the gym you could make big changes.

Do not forget that these exercises are perfect for indoor or outdoor training, your body is your only limit. Challenge it! If you do this routine, do not forget to leave us a comment with your opinion and if you would like to see more routines like these. Thank you!!!

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