Gym Design and Install for Jaego’s House Private Health Club

Jacobs House Private Members Club

  • Project: JAEGO´S HOUSE
  • Company / Fitness Space: Little Houses
  • Group Industry: Private Health Clubs. Premium members club for families
  • Location: London
  • Website:

Project Description

Little houses Group is a premium members club for families with nurseries, a space for parents and children. “Welcoming, accessible and inclusive family clubs and Ofsted registered nurseries with a purpose”.

The clubs are open to both members and the public with an aim to provide fun and practical spaces that can be enjoyed by both parents and children. The inclusive nurseries objective is to provide high quality care and education, and work in partnership with the parents to support their child’s development. The aim is to build a collection of community led spaces that make a difference in people's lives through education, support, and enjoyment.

The aim of the Club Gym Project was to create a dedicated fitness space for parents within the premises of the House. The client with no previous experience in Gym Design and the fitness industry requested a Gym experience that would cater for the needs of all members.

Jacobs House Gym Design Project

Gym Design Brief

Jaego´s House management engaged our gym design experts to develop a bespoke training environment tailored for their members. This specialized fitness space should accommodate the requirements of parents visiting the club with their children while providing an extensive array of gym equipment. Our goal was to craft a comprehensive training experience, addressing diverse training styles and various fitness goals.

Our focus is to create a functional gym that not only fosters ongoing member engagement but also maximizes the utilization of the area, ensuring an optimized fitness experience.

Moreover, the Stronger team was entrusted to collaborate closely with the construction team and interior designers. This collaboration ensures that the final outcome aligns with the desired brand aesthetics, complies with health and safety standards, adheres to designated budgets, and meets the established timelines, offering a harmonious and safe gym design solution.


Gym Interior and Design - Jaego’s House Health Club

Gym Solution

The main challenge was presented to our team at the initial consultation phase for the new fitness concept at Jaego’s House members club. After the initial meetings with the different stakeholders, whom had no previous experience in the Fitness Industry, we guided and challenged the client’s ideas providing the Gym Design proposal.

The NEW concept catered for the client’s brand and project vision, whilst creating a training space that would ensure longevity of the concept, be operationally efficient and set them apart from the competition. By understanding their vision and specific goals, we brought their fitness concept to life, creating a gym experience focused for their users which was a key complement to their brand and user experience journey.

We provided comprehensive guidance on the infrastructure and building requirements essential for the gym's interior, encompassing considerations for gym flooring, subflooring, lighting, and the layout of the training space. Our approach involved constructing multiple training areas to effectively serve the diverse needs of the members.

Recognizing the gym's specific location with limited natural lighting and scenic views, we took into account the contemporary expectations of gym users, particularly their demand for digital content and on-demand entertainment. To address this, we recommended the integration of premium interactive cardio equipment featuring iFIT technology. This cutting-edge technology enables users to engage in immersive, coach-led workout experiences, offering on-demand workouts, live fitness events, and personalized studio classes. Here's how the iFIT Technology enhances the fitness environment:

Immersive Coach-Led Workouts: Users have access to a library of coach-led workouts that go beyond the traditional treadmill or elliptical experience. The interactive technology provides guidance and motivation, creating a more engaging and effective exercise session.

On-Demand Workouts: Members can choose from a wide range of on-demand workouts that suit their preferences and fitness goals. Whether it's a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session, a scenic virtual run, or a challenging cycling class, the iFIT Technology offers a diverse selection of workouts at the user's fingertips.

Live Fitness Events: The platform facilitates live fitness events, allowing members to participate in real-time group workouts or competitions. 

Personalized Studio Classes: The technology enables users to customize their workout experiences based on their fitness levels, preferences, and objectives. This personalization ensures that each member can tailor their fitness routine to meet their specific needs, promoting a more effective and enjoyable workout.

Furthermore, in our meticulous planning, great emphasis was placed on selecting functional and strength training gym equipment. We included innovative tools like the Hyperwear Sandbells, the award-winning Ybell, and our range of Stronger Wellness accessories to cater to a wide spectrum of user preferences. Furthermore, we custom-designed the Half Rack and Storage Racks were meticulously crafted to perfectly align with the available space, addressing the escalating demand for strength workouts and powerlifting within the gym environment.


iFIT Treadmill for Gym Design Layout

Racks for Gym Design

Conclusion and client’s comments

The primary reason the Little House Group management selected the Stronger Wellness team was based on the consultative expertise provided during the project's initial stages. With 25 years of experience in the fitness industry, our meticulous attention to detail stands as a pivotal factor in actualizing their vision. Overseeing the gym project from inception to completion, our commitment ensures timely, on-target, and cost-effective delivery.

Our comprehensive approach to gym design, inclusive of functional interior design and meticulous consideration of building infrastructure requirements, sets us apart. By consistently meeting deadlines and project objectives, coupled with our unwavering commitment to high-quality post-installation service, we aspire to remain their preferred gym design partner as their enterprise expands.

Rosie, Operations Director

We love working with Stronger’ - Rosie, Operations Director, The Little Houses Group.

 Full Interview with Rosie


Gym Equipment Used

Essential equipment for Jaego´s House:

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