Reinventing Gym Design: A Case Study on Creativity and Innovation

  • Project: The Strand 180 Wellness and Health Club Studio
  • Company : The 180 Studios London
  • Industry: Hospitality and Entertainment 
  • Location: London / The Strand Building Website:

The Design Brief

In the world of fitness, standing out is often a blend of innovative services and remarkable gym design. This was the task at hand when Hazzle from 180 Studios approached us with a unique challenge: to conceive and create a Gym that diverges from the traditional aesthetic and philosophy of a gym, crafting a space that serves its functional purpose without actually looking like one. This brief marked the beginning of a journey into uncharted territories of Gym Design and Interior, pushing the boundaries of creativity, functionality, and aesthetics.

The primary challenge was to envision and execute a training space that would transcend conventional gym concepts. The client's request was clear yet complex – to design an unconventional gym that still serves the fundamental purposes of fitness and wellness. This innovative approach was not just a test of creativity but also a dive into the essence of what makes a space inspiring for physical activity without the overt appearance of your traditional gym.

Within this multifaceted project, the revamp of their filming studio was also requested and posed additional challenges. The studio, situated in the vibrant hub for startups and creative ventures, required a design overhaul to enhance its functionality as both a filming space and an events venue. The beauty of its high ceilings and wooden floors was undeniable, yet the floors introduced practical challenges, particularly the maintenance of the wood and its impact on filming quality due to uneven surfaces. To address the uneven floor surface, which affected the stability of filming equipment, a meticulous search was undertaken for a new flooring solution. The chosen gym floor tiles not only matched the aesthetic requirement of a natural look and feel but also provided a smooth surface for filming, thanks to their seamless joints and perfect interlocking edges. This innovative solution not only enhanced the filming quality but also contributed to the premium look and feel desired for the events space.

The strand film studio space with new flooring install

Large studio space with interlocking floor tiles

Strategy and Design Process

Embarking on this new project required a deep dive into the realms of interior design, considering various aspects of fitness equipment, spatial layout, and visual elements. The goal was to craft a subtle yet stimulating environment, blending the gym's functional needs with aesthetic preferences that diverge from the traditional gym environment. This process involved extensive brainstorming, conceptualizing, and ultimately, realizing a space that is as unconventional as it is functional and effective.

The Solution

Tailoring Workout Spaces and Diverse Fitness Goals

The journey to redefine the gym space involved not just innovative design but a profound understanding of the varied functions each area within the building was to serve. Collaborative meetings with the client, spearheaded by Hazel and her team, were crucial in delineating the purpose behind each segment of the space. These discussions delved into the specifics of movement types, workout class styles, and the incorporation of fitness technology within each room, ensuring a holistic approach to the design that was both functional and personalized.

Bespoke Gym Solutions

The heart of the project's innovation lay in the creation of bespoke solutions tailored to the unique requirements of all interior spaces. This customization extended to metalwork, with every fitting and stand designed to meet specific needs in terms of fit, color, style and design. The involvement of the Studio interior designers was pivotal, ensuring that every element, from upholstery to metalwork, harmonized with the brand's identity and aesthetic vision. A key aspect of this customization was the deliberate absence of visible brands on equipment, emphasizing the Strands unique identity over commercial endorsements.

Lounge and sitting area for the new Strand Gym Space

Seamless Functionality in Fitness Design

So the main challenge was to maintain the functional essence of a Gym while steering clear of its traditional visual cues. This was addressed by designing equipment and spaces that blended seamlessly into the overall brand theme, ensuring that the gym performed its intended function without overtly appearing as one. This unique approach was evident in the design of individual workout "pots" in the studio, which were conceptualized after thorough iterations to cater to personalized training experiences. A new innovative booking app would enable users to reserve these pots, each equipped with bespoke benches and options for varied workouts, emphasizing the gym's commitment to cutting-edge technology and personalized fitness solutions.

Another standout feature was the design of a large studio space dedicated to mind and body wellness, adaptable for activities ranging from fencing to pilates and yoga. The introduction of bespoke trolleys – designed to be as aesthetically appealing as they were functional – revolutionized the way equipment was stored and transported within the space. These trolleys allowed for the quick transformation of the studio space to suit different activities and events, maximizing usable space and enhancing the overall flexibility of the gym's new interior design. This solution epitomized the project's innovative spirit, combining functionality with sleek design to create a truly versatile workout environment.

The strand 180 events interior that converts to a workout space

Gym Equipment

  1. Ybell neo
  2. YBell pro
  3. YBell arc
  4. S7R Hero hex
  5. Bespoke metal work
  6. Lebert parallets
  7. Flexdisc
  8. S7R Bandits bands
  9. S7R Yoga ultra grip Matt 
  10. S7R yoga block
  11. Pilates rings
  12. Pilates balls
  13. S7R neoprene studio dumbbells
  14. TRX Suspension trainer
  15. Cardio equipment
  16. Gym Floor: Pavigym endurance



    This project from Stronger Wellness serves as a prime example of how gym design and interior can be reimagined to meet specific, unconventional needs while maintaining the essence of what a gym is for – health, fitness, and wellness. By focusing on customization, seamless design, and versatile functionality, the project not only met the challenge of creating a gym that doesn't look like a gym but also set a new standard for fitness spaces that are as unique as the individuals who use them.

    The Strand 180 events area, a multifunctional workout space that converts to an events room

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