Rubicon Abbey Stadium Sports Centre - Gym Design and Install

Rubicon Abbey Stadium is located in the heart of Redditch, "Abbey Stadium exists to support the health and wellness of the community". 

Stronger worked closely with Paul Court on the Gym Interior & Design to create an engaging workout space with all fitness equipment to suit The Abbey Stadium brand and their requirements. Our main objective was to deliver a premium fitness experience, for both the owners and the incredible attendees. 

Designing the interior of a gym requires consideration of several factors, including functionality, safety, aesthetics, and creating a motivating environment for gym-goers. For this design project, Stronger provided a modern view of the gym interior with multi-functional spaces, and high end workout areas that not only stand out aesthetically but are functional allowing users to access all areas of the gym efficiently. 

Gym Interior

To achieve high quality training space, we equipped the cardio area with Fremotion 22 Series, to mention a few the Freemotion REFLEX™ Treadmill t22.9, Freemotion Elliptical e22.9 and Freemotion Incline Trainer i22.9, all of them with iFIT.

iFIT offers access to an extensive library of on-demand workouts led by expert fitness coaches from around the world. Search or filtered by location, trainer, exercise type, workout duration, intensity, and more!

Gym Interior Design with high density Turf flooring


Check out the Stronger fitness equipment and Fremotion collection for Rubicon, Abbey Stadium Sports Centre below:

Gym Interior Design


The Client

Rubicon Abbey Stadium is part of a Leisure facility including swimming pools, class studios, the brand new gym, multi-use sports hall, football pitches and running track, there is something to get everyone. Located in the heart of Redditch, Abbey Stadium exists to the support the health and happiness of our community. 

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