Gymshark ft Vikkstar for the design of his home gym

Home Gym Design transformation with Gymshark and Vikkstar, check it out! 

Vikram Singh Barn, better known online as Vikkstar123, is a very successful British YouTuber. He is also a member and co-founder of Sidemen, a British YouTube group. His videos about gaming have captured the attention of many people around the world, currently having more than 7 million subscribers on YouTube and almost 4 million followers on Instagram. 

BUT...How did Vikkstar got his gym with Gymshark?

In 2021 Vikkstar was shooting a video at Hijingo which is a multi-sensory bingo experience and combining live entertainment with stadium-grade lighting and there was a Push-ups competition which he nailed! He then tweeted Gymshark. Gymshark responded and the story begun, and the design of his Perfect Home Gym, just as he describes it in his video got underway. How cool is that?! 



Vikkstar has a great story around his progression with exercise. A cool story for the gaming community, considering the amount of hours they spent in front of screens. He started adding to his content, his body transformation; calling himself “skin and bone” when seeing some old shots. In this particular video he talks a little bit about his journey with Strength training and exercise.

As always Gymshark surprising the gym community with this cool stories! 


The hi temp Bumper Plates bounce, featuring some of the exercises in the video, allowing him to progressively challenge himself to add that little bit more and get that 'hell yeah' adrenaline rush when you realise you just lifted that little bit more 💪

Hi Temp Bumper Plate- Bounce  

Vikkstar during his video gives a tour of the equipment and shows his subscribers some of the exercises he is currently doing with this coach.

Stronger Hexagonal Dumbbell Hero are added to the wall on a super cool space saver wall mounted storage.


The flooring is such a key element not only for performance but also for the overall 'sleek look' of the place, here we suggested our Pavigym Endurance S&S in Jet Black as the theme of course was all black with some really cool neon lighting.

Check out all he Stronger Wellness equipment for this Home Gym

Thank you to Parkway for making it come alive, to Gymshark for continuing to inspire all kinds of community groups to exercise and move, and off course to Vikk for sharing his journey. 🎥 🤸🔥

If you too are looking to get your home gym created, message our Gym Design team and we can get that inspiration going!

Check the full video here

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